Saturday, June 10, 2006

Did anyone see the lies that that Turd in the Echo Chamber (FAKES IN THE SOUND) is spreading about Greg Ryberg? But before you believe them may we remind you that FAKES IN THE SOUND is written by WILL FOLKS, who is a CONVICTED BEATER OF WOMEN, CONVICTED DRUNK DRIVER, INSULTER OF WOMEN, INSULTER OF LOCAL CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE and ILLEGAL CAMPAIGN CONSULTANT. It is the truth. WILL FOLKS is taking THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS under the table from MANY CAMPAIGNS WHO DO NOT WANT HIS NAME APPEARING ON THEIR CAMPAIGN DISCLOSURE FORMS. This is ILLEGAL. Governor Sanford, Karen Floyd, Rick Quinn, Thomas Ravenel are all UNDER SUSPICION OF ILLEGALLY PAYING WILL FOLKS UNDER THE TABLE to ATTACK candidates. We will have full evidence soon as JAKE NOTTS is tailing Mr. Folks.

Welcome to Consultantville. I am Rod S. Tompquinns, your Mayor.